Making Your Holiday Travels Stress-Free

Nearly everyone does a bit of traveling for the holiday season.  Be it 30 miles or 3,000 miles, the skies and roads are typically crowded in the days building up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  The holiday travel rush doesn’t need to be stressful or full of hassles, though, as previous years may have led you to believe.  Everyone could use a few pointers—here are just a few to keep in mind to make your holidays even more enjoyable.  Whether you’re traveling to The Rittenhouse or to the grandparent’s, keep these in mind en route.
Traveling during the holidays can be a taxing endeavor.  Setting realistic goals and expecting delays is one way of reducing stress.  Know that plans occasionally change at the last minute, and adjust accordingly.  Your physical health is also very important to enjoying the holiday season.  Bring your own healthy snacks—the holidays tend to be a time of overeating and frequent eating—and get plenty of sleep.  Try not to overburden yourself with heavy luggage and others gifts, and bring a little “meditation” with you.  For many, this commonly includes a book or mp3 player.  A small stash of sundries and goodies—for instance, antacids, small candies, tissues, and hand sanitizer—can help in a tight pinch, like a layover or traffic jam.  Of course, it helps to plan ahead.  Get to the airport or train station early so that you’re not racing against security, the clock, or the weather.  Nine out of ten times, you’ll be glad you came earlier than later.