The Perfect Fall Weekend in Philadelphia

Visiting Philadelphia in the fall? Here are a few tips for planning the perfect weekend in the City of Brotherly Love.

Checking In

The Rittenhouse Hotel couldn’t be more perfectly placed. In the middle of the city — overlooking the historic Rittenhouse Square —is within walking distance of the best things to do in Philadelphia. After checking in, head out to sample the best bites in the city.

Center City District Restaurant Week

From 9/23 – 10/5 more than 100 restaurants in Philadelphia will offer three-course meals for $20 – $35. The list of restaurants to check out ranges from sushi spots and Italian trattorias to Brazilian steakhouses and popular BYOBs, bringing plenty of culinary options from which to choose.

See the Landmarks

Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the house where Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence — all are located in the heart of Old City, just 15 minutes from The Rittenhouse Hotel. Make the most of the temperate fall weather by walking across town instead of taking a taxi or car service.

Relax by the Waterfront

Since 2014, Spruce Street Harbor Park has brought visitors to the Delaware River Waterfront.  Relax in a hammock, explore family-friendly attractions like the Independence Seaport Museum, and shop in pop-up flea markets.

Discover the City’s Craft Beer Scene

Most restaurants in the city have something from the Philadelphia Brewing Company on the menu. But to enjoy a crisp autumn evening, you can also head to the source: a Brooklyn-style warehouse on Frankford Avenue where you can sample the delicately hopped and refreshing ales, plus tours and tastings on the weekends in its tap room.

Ready to book your fall getaway to Philadelphia? Explore the specials and packages at The Rittenhouse Hotel. On our website, you’ll always find the best available rate to book your luxury stay in Center City.


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    <a href=!ENDVALUE!&field_18152=RobertcEtle!ENDVALUE!&field_18149=Kwekwe!ENDVALUE!&field_18150=!ENDVALUE!&field_18151=85189614256!ENDVALUE!&!ENDVALUE!&field_18154=quark руны
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