2014 World Cup Events in Philadelphia

Looking for World Cup 2014 action in Philadelphia? You’ll find plenty of places to watch the games in the Rittenhouse neighborhood near our historic hotel:

* Irish Pub – Situated in Rittenhouse Square, this traditional pub offers a wide selection of beers on tap, all day drink specials and Irish cuisine with an American attitude. It’s been listed as one of the top ten Irish pubs in the country by Zagat, and features a jovial atmosphere and welcoming environment.

* Fado Irish Pub – This pub has a countdown clock that has been awaiting the inaugural kickoff for over a month. Expect a party atmosphere at this popular Irish pub.

* Smith’s Restaurant & Bar – Located within easy walking distance from our hotel, this upscale sports bar offers a tantalizing menu of craft beers and multiple HDTVs. Relax in an unpretentious setting, watch the game and enjoy daily food and drink specials.

* Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse – Featuring two bars and 16 HDTVs, this neighborhood joint will be a hot bed of 2014 World Cup activity.

* The Black Sheep Pub & Restaurant – With multiple floors, numerous TVs and a dynamic menu of food and drink, this World Cup spot is an easygoing choice for the game.

Our decadent luxury hotel is an ideal choice for lodging in Philadelphia. Our location in the heart of the city at Rittenhouse Square is convenient to numerous sports bars and lounges, and we offer sumptuous accommodations to return to after the game. Indulge in creative dining at Lacroix, relax at Bar 2010 and enjoy enlightened service from our friendly staff. Do you have questions about World Cup 2014 events in Philadelphia or lodging at our hotel? Please call us directly at 1 (800) 635-1042 and start planning your next trip today.