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Your Best Night’s Sleep at The Rittenhouse

For many of us, travel is one of the joys of life. Yet, it’s common to struggle with sleep when traveling. At The Rittenhouse, we want you to get the best sleep so you can get the most out of your travel experience. To help you achieve quality sleep, we created a ‘Rest and Renew’ package that you can customize to suit your personal tastes. The ‘Rest and Renew’ experience includes:

A 90-Minute Sleep massage at the Rittenhouse Spa & Club

Relaxing is easy during and after this 90-minute sleep-inducing massage. When you book this late afternoon or early evening, we ask if you’d like to incorporate a blend of CBD- and CBN-infused oil to relieve you from any anxiety, insomnia, and jet lag. Timed strategically, this will help you drift from massage-assisted rest to sweet solo slumber.

A Nighttime Self-Care Bag 

We collected little gifts that help promote sleep wellness and placed them into a goodie bag for you to use during your trip or take home as a keepsake. Inside, you’ll find sleep gummies, a sleep mask, and an aromatic lavender tea bag.

Pillow Butler Menu

Whether it’s foam or down pillows, we’ve got you taken care of. The pillow butler menu is designed to help you select the best sleep environment for your stay with us.

A Rittenhouse-Curated Playlist 

To create a relaxing space for you, we handpicked a selection of soothing sounds and sleep-guided meditations to guide you to sleepy dreamland. Switch on a soundscape that fits your needs, from before-bed stretches to music to help you doze off, and simply relax. 

A Night Journal 

Supplement your mindfulness practice with our night journal to help you track your progress and record mindfulness before bed. 

Make The Rittenhouse your personal tranquil oasis in the heart of Philadelphia. Explore our spa and salon offers or visit our state-of-the-art fitness center and pool during your stay with us.