A line of dining tables and chairs in front of floor-to-ceiling windows. Mary Cassatt Tea Room at The Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia.

A Mary Cassatt-Inspired Summer

This spring, The Rittenhouse Hotel becomes a portal to a storied past, highlighted by the life and works of legendary artist Mary Cassatt. Come May 18, our historic Five-Star hotel, set on the grounds once owned by Cassatt’s brother, will proudly partner with the Philadelphia Museum of Art for its “Mary Cassatt at Work” summer exhibition. On display until September, the event will feature over 130 works, the first major showcase of Cassatt’s oeuvre since the 1990s. The Rittenhouse invites you to honor the groundbreaking spirit of one of Pennsylvania’s own, whose life and art continue to captivate. 

Celebrating a Storied Connection

Mary Cassatt, a name synonymous with the French-Impressionist movement, was a pivotal trailblazer who studied at the renowned Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia before going on to reshape the art world’s perspectives. Spending much of her professional life in Paris, Cassatt forged a vibrant career that challenged the conventional expectations of Philadelphia’s elite. Her prints, pastels, and paintings are known for their delicate yet direct exploration of the social, intellectual, and working lives of modern women, and the intimate bonds between mothers and children, capturing the subtleties of everyday life with a touch of realism.

In addition to her celebrated connection to Philadelphia, Mary Cassatt’s influence at The Rittenhouse is woven into the very fabric of its existence, from the curated art pieces that adorn our lobby to the flavors and finesse of our restaurants and accommodations. The historic connection enriches the cultural atmosphere for guests, bridging the past and present for a new era of luxury.  

Artful Amenities and Culinary Nods 

In celebration of Cassatt’s artistry, The Rittenhouse has curated a series of bespoke experiences and amenities that reflect her influence. Guests can indulge in the posh setting of the Mary Cassatt Tea Room, where the ambiance is reminiscent of its namesake’s refined artistic taste. There, you’ll find a chocolate truffle recipe, believed to have been developed by Cassatt herself, on the menus this spring offering a unique taste of history. At The Library Bar, the spring menu takes inspiration directly from Cassatt’s paintings with every cocktail crafted to evoke the essence of her art, turning each sip into an exploration of flavor. In addition, a specially curated cabernet franc rosé from Mural City Cellars will be available throughout our dining venues, an homage to an artist who continues to inspire.

A Haven of Culture and Comfort 

Just as Mary Cassatt believed in what she labeled as the “serious work” of artmaking, at The Rittenhouse, we believe in the serious craft of comfort and world-class service. After returning from a tour of the exhibition, guests can unwind with a rejuvenating facial and massage at our sumptuous spa, enjoy gourmet culinary creativity at Lacroix, and savor specialty cocktails and vintage wines in the intimate atmosphere of Bar 210. Each space within our hotel, from the spacious Super Park View to the luxurious Cassatt Suite, is designed to be a window to the artistic sophistication of Cassatt’s era. 

The Rittenhouse Hotel remains a central figure in Philadelphia’s cultural and social scene, reflecting the elegance and craftsmanship associated with Mary Cassatt’s work. This summer, as we honor her artistic legacy, we invite you to explore the soul of Philadelphia, punctuated by the timelessness of one of its local icons. Enhance your stay with our Lasting Impressions package featuring exclusive Mary Cassatt amenities, tickets to the exhibition, and an in-room tea experience inspired by our tea room. Choose The Rittenhouse Hotel this summer for an artful escape that marries luxury accommodations with Philadelphia’s rich cultural heritage.