Terror Behind The Walls in Philly is a Heart-stopper

This is the season of spooks and scares, but if you live anywhere other than Philadelphia, you may never have experienced something as skin-crawling as our very own Terror Behind the Walls at the abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary, one of the most studied edifices in America due to its reported paranormal activity and related investigations. Intrigued?

Attendees must decide at the beginning of the “ride” whether to be an observer or part of the action. Those marked appropriately as the latter can be removed from their group, locked in cells, dragged into hidden hallways and incorporated into the show. It’s definitely not for the feint of heart…

Family nights are best for kids 7-12. During these family friendly performances, kids who get too scared can yell ‘uncle,’ or, in this case, “Monster, be good!”  

The event happens now, through 11/7 and we recommend a trip to Philly just for this attraction! Go here for the FAQs.