New Exhibits in Philly: Genghis Khan at the Franklin Institute

Conquering nearly 12 million square miles of territory, Genghis Khan ruled over more land than any other person in human history. Part bloodthirsty tyrant, part military genius and part political leader – Khan was a man unlike any other. Learn about him at one of the new exhibits in Philly at the Franklin Institute. Genghis Khan: Bring the Legend to Life shows now through January 3, and will feature an incredible collection of relics from Mongol culture and Khan’s ruthless heyday. Genghis Khan is truly one of the most captivating characters in human history – just check out some of these crazy facts about the Mongol leader:

  • He was tolerant of different religions and valued the leadership of women – yet he killed over 40 million people
  • No one knows what he looked like, how he died, or where he is buried
  • He created one of the first international postal systems
  • His real name wasn’t Genghis – it was Temujin
  • Raised by a single mother, he was abducted and forced into slavery – before escaping to become one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known

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