Sake Cocktail For Spring at The Rittenhouse Hotel Philadelphia

Springtime Specialty Cocktails

Spring is in the air in Philadelphia, and at the Rittenhouse Hotel the libations are flowing to reflect the season’s playful essence. During this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival, the bars, lounges and eateries at the Rittenhouse will feature several specialty cocktails that showcase the culture of the city and the creative mixology of our barkeeps. Meet
up with friends and share a few sips of our new springtime elixirs, including Sangria in Bar 210, a Japanese green tea blend with dried cherry blossoms in the Mary Cassatt Tea Room and the Sakura Cocktail in the Library Bar.

Sakura Cocktail by Papi Hurtado and Michelle Martinez

The Cherry Blossom, Sakura, Festival is about the connecting of two countries. In 1912, Japan extended a hand of blossoming friendship to America with a gift of 2,000 cherry blossom trees. To recreate the brotherhood of these countries, the Sakura Cocktail blends Saké and Yuzu juice with Makers Mark Bourbon and house-made cherry blossom soda. With its chic, contemporary vibe and inviting ambiance, the Library Bar is a haven from the city and the perfect spot to chill with a Sakura Cocktail.

Celebrate the colorful Soring season and the Cherry Blossom Festival with the following recipe to hand craft your Sakura Cocktail at home. The ingredients are easy to find and the drink will impress your crew.

Sakura Cocktail

•    2oz Sake
•    ½ Maker’s Mark Bourbon
•    ¼ oz Amarena Cherry Nectar
•    ½ oz Yuzu Juice
•    ¾ oz Cherry Blossom Soda

Shake all the ingredients but not the foam with ice and single strain in to a classic martini glass. Top it off with the cherry blossom foam and garnish with cherry blossom and mixed flowers.

Drink with friends and enjoy.